Sunday, August 30, 2009


Kenadee received an invitation in the mail a few weeks ago.

"You have been invited to attend an informational meeting in regards to participating in a Scholarship Pageant: Miss Salt Lake City Pre-Teen." can imagine her excitement. And.... you can imagine my skepticism.

She talked about it all week until the day arrived. The excitement she exuded must have rubbed off on me because against my better judgment, I decided to take her to the meeting. We discussed the possibility of this costing ALOT of money and in that case we most likely would not participate.

However, as we sat and listened we liked what we heard. This pageant was not a typical 'beauty' pageant. It focused more on the contestant's personality. There was NO swimsuit section but instead there was a 'personality' section where the interview took place outside of the actual pageant. And.....drum roll......there was NO cost to your parents.

Wow! This sounded amazing.

And then they added....YOU just have to get sponsors from businesses and other individuals. Boooooo! I hate asking for money. But while we're on the subject. you have any money to spare....please sir....we need some more?

Moving on. With a big deep breath....we decided we could do this. It wouldn't be too hard. And with the help of our wonderful family and friends who have either donated themselves or asked businesses they knew we have started the process.

Kenadee will be taking her place on stage at the Dee Events Center on September 12th. As her parents...we are confident that she will be amazing!!

And if 'being in a pageant' is ever on her lifes list of 'to do's' .....she can confidently cross it off her list.



I'm sure she'll do awesome! And I know how you feel with the money. For Zac's soccer, they want us to do the same thing, and I just can't make myself go around to businesses and ask.

Good luck to your sweet pageant girl!

The Parker Family said...

That is so GREAT! My Katie got one of those invitations too. We were most skeptical about it and didn't pursue it. Glad to know it wasn't false! She will do great, too. Good luck!