Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

This week is 'Drug Week' at the children's school.

Let me rephrase that.....It is say NO to Drugs Week!

All week long the children get to dress up in various outfits to remind them NOT to use drugs and today is "Drug's are Ridiculous": dress in ridiculous clothes and hair.
And not to be left out.... Bailee is sporting her 'Ridonkulous' version of crazy hair.

You know....I took a lot of medication when I was pregnant with her. So, just remember....if you use drugs, you're hair might turn out like this too.


Collings Family said...

Ha ha! So funny!

kelli said...

What a bunch of cute kids! Hope all is well! Miss yu!

Huffstuff said...

love the crazy hair day. We had that event this week also and it was fun.