Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Computer Problems

I've been having computer problems. It died without warning or explanation. The kids were mortified...what would they do without it. I, on the other hand, was somewhat relieved.

It's not that they use the computer a lot, in fact hardly at all. BUT....when one does ask to use my lap top it tends to remind the other two that they would like to use it too. Hence, the battle ensues as to who gets to use it, how much time they get, how much time the other person was on it....blah blah blah!

Thats the part that I don't like...refereeing. So, when I found out that my computer was fine, phew, and it was only a plug issue, I purchased the plug and then began my covert operation.

I hid my laptop in my bedroom. I could use it during the day while the children were at school but when I most often needed it at dinnertime for recipes or during the evenings I had to sneak into my bedroom and lock the door. I did really well for about two weeks until Jake brought up the issue. I had accidentally left it out in my bedroom and he had noticed it. I tried to cover with a tiny white lie but I think he caught on. So, when I wasn't looking he plugged it in and was very excited to tell me it was working.

Then a few days later the new plug I had bought stopped working. For reals! I didn't even fake this although Jake was completely suspicious. I was without a computer again for another week while a new plug was ordered. I have my new plug and I'm hoping to do better at updating my blog more often.


kelli said...

That's funny! Kids are just too smart aren't they? And WHY does it have to be so hard to lie???

Collings Family said...

I'm glad its working but I know what you mean about refereeing!