Friday, December 11, 2009

Sign Language

We hosted Thanksgiving this year and my sister, Jacqueline, decided to do a quick photo shoot for us the following day. I was able to pull together some outfits and we headed up to a cute up the canyon in Liberty. Bailee's pictures were my absolute favorite. Jacqui is so good at capturing my children SO perfectly. I have more pictures to post later but for now here's an update on Bailee.

It's crazy to think she will be 18 months in January. She still seems too tiny to be that old. She is so petite and hasn't hit the 20 pound mark yet. She's small but feisty. A while ago I began teaching her sign language which she completely disliked and showed this with her high pitched scream. The first word was cup and it took a few weeks for her to finally sign the word. I was so excited. She then quickly picked up other signs: more, eat, dog, mommy, daddy..... however, she was still screaming for "help" so I decided to make up a sign for that. My computer was down and I didn't have a way to check the actual sign.

So the sign for help was to touch her head and say help. She picked this up really quickly too, however, a few weeks went by and she become more enthusiastic with her signs. I had second thoughts about this made up sign when I took her to the mall and she needed help on the kiddie slide....she began hitting herself in the head and yelling 'hep...hep'. I have since found out that the sign for help is to make a fist and hit the palm of the other hand. Fortunately, she is picking up words quickly and her pronunciation is clear so we she doesn't have to hit herself much anymore.

Here's another favorite picture of all the children. Thanks Sis!