Friday, January 8, 2010


I often look back in my journals and read the funny things that my children said to me when they were little. Like the time Brinlee was about 4 years old and she said, "Mom...old ladies are rough!" I was a little stumped until she explained, "They can hit you with their purses."

As the kids get older I've noticed that I don't have as many funny stories, however, Kenadee is still continuing to supply us with a little honest laughter when it comes to her interpretation of a word she hasn't seen before. As a little kid some of her words included, Kwes-a-dellias (for Quesadilla's), Pail Nolish (for nail polish) and Nickels and Diamonds (for dimes).

Last night she was eating string cheese and thought it was very tasty.

Kena: Mmmm...this cheese is good.

Me: What kind is it?

Kena: Cash-ay Valley!

Me: mean (Cash) Cache Valley?

Kena: Well...whatever...I don't know.

Perhaps the best one yet is just after we had moved to Utah and she saw the Bingham Cyclery store. I don't think she had ever encountered the word cyclery before. She asked me,

" it Sickelry, or Kikelry!"